Code to Text Ratio

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What is the Code to Text Ratio?

The Code to Text Ratio represents the percentage of actual text in a webpage. Our content ratio tool extracts the text from paragraphs and the anchor text from HTML code, and calculates the content ratio based on this information.

Why is the Code to Text Ratio Important for SEO?

The code to text ratio of a page is used by search engines and spiders to calculate the relevancy of a webpage. A higher code to text ratio allows for a better chance of getting a good page ranking in the SERPs. Not all search engines are using the code to text ratio in their index algorithm, but most of them do. Therefore, having a higher code to text ratio than your competitors gives you a good start for on-site optimization.

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Hasibul Ahsan
My site is , I am trying to get good serp. Does google apply code to text ratio to affect it serp?
I just created an account and was trying to use the Webmaster tools and it said "You have reached the limit today!"?? I didn't even get to use anything. This is a useless crappy site, stay away.
Jes Brown
It's absolutely pointless to limit the amount of times you can search URLs if you're not going to offer at least a monthly membership plan for unlimited searches.. I created an account for limited searches? I WOULD PAY TO USE THIS TOOL, but you don't even offer that option.. then you might as well make it free unlimited searches!
Arun Kumar Behera
This is not giving results, useless
Bill McElhinney
The code to text ratio does not give a result. Useless
Preeti Jain
why blocking after 10 requests even tho ive registered, good tool, shitty approach
Donovan Dengler
Whats this daily limit about i need to keep testing i got tons of work to do and this program proves so useful but now i cant dang nabbit
Dan bar
no such figure ideal , around 15%-60% is good.
My site has code to text ratio of 13%, is that good. What is an ideal code to text ratio for good seo?
coco koko