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Simply enter a keyword or keyword phrase in the available field to get a list of related keywords.  To perform your keyword research on a deeper level, click the "level 2" button.  This will provide you a list of those keywords related to your original list.  Click "level 3" to continue even further.  When you have the report you want, download the data by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

You can use this information to discover new keyword opportunities your competitors may be ignoring, and create fresh targeted content around these new opportunities!



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5.0 (3 votes)

ruth george
Meet and greet Luton airport parking.
John Campbell
This tool rocks. I like the combination of long and short keyword suggestion. It is a great ideas generator for titles and research. Thanks Seochat. John
Uthayasanker Thayasivam
Is there a way to upload a set of keywords to this tool ? Or any APIs ?
Nice tool
siddu Reddy
Seochat is awesome I heard about it and started using it.Now I find it very useful.It gives both long and short tail keywords by which you can rank in google easily like Whatsapp for PC Download thanks once again
It is great
Mensur Osmanagić
Jonas Ekenberg
Is it possible to get keywords from Google SE ( Swedish )?